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Perhaps you’ve put money into home upgrades and then immediately put your house on the market. Ask yourself honestly — is the space ready to be seen? Buyers form an opinion about your home in the first 7-10 seconds, and a professionally rendered first impression nabs you a 12% higher sales figure than the average unstaged home.

Here’s what hiring Stageful to style your home is NOT: It’s not an HGTV design makeover, and it’s not an expensive investment in furniture that you won’t take with you.

Staging comprises the final choices that allow a buyer to see themselves living in your space.

Remote home staging through Stageful uses the furniture, lighting and accessories already in place, and elevates them to their full potential. We understand that many home sellers look at staging as a luxury service amounting to an additional expense. It’s true that the traditional model requires an empty home, and an onsite designer who furnishes the space themselves. Stageful takes a different approach. Our design professionals give you a step-by-step guide to repurpose the furnishings you already own. You take ownership of the process and utilize the camera on your phone to get the same expert consultation — at a fraction of the usual price. We are a completely contactless Staging company!

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A professional designer will work with you remotely

Imagine receiving the customized insight you need to freshen and showcase your living space — without high-priced meetings, extensive new furnishings, and time consuming house calls.

The beauty of remote staging is its cost-effective simplicity. Use your phone to create and submit a video tour of your home, in your own time and at your own pace. The tour can be as simple or involved as you would like it to be.

Once we review the submitted video we develop a detailed plan to make the most of your space. We set up a date and a time for a video chat, during which we offer our professional insight and advice.

The insight we offer is straightforward, cost-effective, and convenient. We use what you have, but in a fresh, new way. Not only will you be able to successfully create an aesthetically appealing space, you will find that you experience greater success when potential buyers come knocking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Remote home staging is the process by which homeowners get virtual help from professional home stagers on how to properly stage their houses for sale. Remote home staging is completely contactless – you don’t need to have an onsite designer to help you revamp your space. Simply send in a video tour of your home, and our home staging professionals will review it and arrange virtual consultations with expert advice on how to improve your home’s aesthetics before listing. Our remote home staging services will provide a step-by-step guide on how to repurpose your interior décor. This makes your home more appealing to more potential buyers.

Home staging is very important if you want to sell your home for top dollar. Homeowners who underestimate the value of home staging – more often than not – end up selling their home below current market prices. In addition, staged homes create better-looking and more convincing photo listings that can drive potential buyers to your location. Home staging also enables potential buyers to picture themselves living in the house already, thereby increasing your chances of making a sale quick and for the price you want!

Yes, remote home staging will save you money, especially when compared to traditional home staging. Since the staging professional doesn’t have to be physically present, you’ll end up paying way less than what traditional home stagers charge for similar services. A traditional home stager will require you to sign a rental agreement for the furniture and accessories they use to stage your home. Not to mention, house calls from home stagers can be time-consuming as the expert has to take a house tour before deciding on the best designs for your space. Often, home stagers will factor in the expenses of these house calls when invoicing you. Utilizing Stageful remote home staging services, our staging professionals will contact you via video meetings ready to guide you through the repurposing process. We will have already reviewed the videos of your home before we start creating your home’s staging plan.

Remote staging is totally safe. From virtual consultations to virtually directed home staging services, we’ll guide you on how to do the staging safely and professionally. You can always get an extra hand to help you if the workload is too much.

Our 100% contactless home staging services are especially important during this COVID-19 pandemic period. It allows us to support the sale of your home without the risk of contracting diseases.

Yes, it is. Our remote staging professionals will provide a straightforward plan on how to stage your home and make it look appealing to the widest range of potential buyers. All you need is your phone to take the video tour and hold virtual meetings with our remote home stagers. What’s more, the fact that you don’t have to meet in person is convenient and easy!

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