Staging can increase a home’s dollar value between six and ten percent. It can also increase the dollar value offered by buyers by between one and five percent.

Although many may consider home staging trends a recent phenomenon, it actually started in 1972 when Barb Schwarz, a real estate agent from Seattle, started adding minor improvements to her listings. The aim was to make them more attractive to buyers. Since then, staging has become an important part of the home selling process.

If you’re planning to put your home up for sale, consider staging your kitchen, as it is one of the rooms that can drastically increase the value of your home. A great way to do this is to incorporate some 2021 kitchen trends. Read on to see which ones can help your home get sold even faster.

What Is Home Staging?

Home staging involves preparing a residence for viewing by potential buyers. The aim is to enhance the attractiveness of a home so that it sells faster and helps to increase its value.

It can include:

  • Performing a thorough cleaning
  • Decluttering for a minimalist look
  • Rearranging furniture to create a more attractive layout
  • Adding decor to pull the look of a room together
  • Making minor repairs
  • Fresh paint
  • Creating a warm, comforting feeling through scent – many realtors swear by baking homemade cookies

It’s about making the rooms in the house as appealing as possible and helping potential buyers easily envision themselves living in the space. Online photos can make a staged home look like an image from a catalog, which will attract persons in the market for a new home.

The Importance of Home Staging

The goal of anyone selling a home is to get it sold quickly and to make a healthy profit, if possible. Home staging can help you achieve both. Here are some reasons why it’s important:

Increase the Value of the Home

Staging a home helps a buyer see themselves living in the space. It also helps them to see the home’s potential. In realizing this, they will want to do whatever it takes to secure the purchase before someone else does, even if it means offering more than the selling price.

Create a Buyer’s Vision

Buyers usually know what they want before they even start looking for a new home. If you get your home staging right and include the latest trends, you can actually bring a buyer’s vision to life.

It will help them to visualize their dream home easily and ensure your home meets most, if not all of their expectations.

Emphasize Your Home’s Potential

You’ve lived in and hopefully loved your home and know it well. You can showcase the potential of some of the spaces within your home. Make it appealing and highlight the things that attracted you to the home when you first saw it.

Highlight Important Spaces

You don’t have to spend money staging your entire home. You can focus on the important rooms in the home that will attract buyers. These include the living room, master bedroom, dining room, and kitchen & family room space.

You can prioritize these to make the biggest impact. Incorporating some current kitchen trends may help.

All of the benefits of home staging listed above will encourage a buyer to make a quick decision if they think the home is right for their family. This means your home will spend less time on the market.

2021 Kitchen Trends to Consider When Staging a Home

Some current kitchen trends are simple to incorporate, but they can increase your home’s appeal. The average cost spent on Stageful’s remote home staging service is $400, so you don’t have to spend a lot for it to be effective. Here are some trends you may want to incorporate:

Add Some Color

The color you choose can make your kitchen feel unique and warm. It will give it character, which is important because most families spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Let the buyer see its potential as a family space.

Different materials along with colors can make your kitchen beautiful, even if you leave the perimeters white. One trend is the use of dark colors, and another, which is on the opposite side of the spectrum, is the use of warm colors. Both can be just as effective. It all depends on your preference.

A Splash of Tile

And not just for the backsplash! This is a great option if you want to keep your kitchen neutral. Tiles can add layers especially if they have an interesting design.

You can incorporate them from the countertop to the ceiling, for a change in texture, or use waterfall edges or consider a wrap-around island. Whatever you choose, tiles give you the option of adding beautiful and unique textures, mosaics, and mixed finishes.

Upgraded Fixtures

Simple upgrades to your kitchen fixtures and finishes can make a huge difference without changing your kitchen design. Consider the following:

  • Specialty hardware such as touchless faucets
  • Metallic fixtures including Cast bronze and brass
  • Upgraded light fixtures including pendant lights

Fixtures and finishes can really add a classy touch to your kitchen.

Make the Space Functional

You can organize the kitchen space to remove clutter. Consider double kitchen islands or anything that includes extra countertop space for gathering, doing homework, and prepping meals. Wherever possible, include storage ports and charging stations for added convenience.

Creating a dedicated space for your appliances, such as a drawer or floating shelves, can increase countertop space. That’s more space for families to meet in the heart of the home.

The Way to a Buyer’s Heart Is Through the Kitchen

The kitchen is no longer just a place to prepare meals. It has become an important room in the home where families come together to work, play, and catch up. It’s the room that will attract many homebuyers, so ensure your kitchen provides the wow factor for an easier sale.

Remote Home staging is an affordable and great way to incorporate some 2021 kitchen trends. Not sure where to start? Stageful can help. We provide affordable and efficient guidance that will help sell your home fast.

Let us help you win the heart of your home’s buyer. Contact us today!