While the pandemic has made many things more stressful and difficult, it is a good time to sell a home, as most areas currently have decently high markets. If you’re hoping to sell your home during COVID-19, we’re here to help.

Keep reading for some home staging tips during COVID-19 that can help you sell your home in no time. Make your home as appealing as possible while also keeping yourself and others safe with the tips in this guide.

Put Safety First

To keep yourself and others safe, you will want to put safety first when staging and showing your home. This shows potential buyers that you care about their well being which will make a positive first impression. Offer free masks, sanitation, and wipes for your home viewers so that you are keeping them safe in your space.

While cleaning your home when staging is always important, it’s especially important when home staging during COVID. You want potential buyers to feel that your space is safe and sanitary by cleaning every nook and cranny and getting rid of any clutter. Clear all of your surfaces and countertops as well as your floors.

Declutter your space by getting rid of or storing excess appliances and accessories such as lamps, pillows, and unnecessary furnishings. Keep all of your doors that lead to other areas of your house open so that visitors will not have to risk picking up germs from doorknobs. If needed, use a doorstop to prop doors open.

Buyers should be encouraged not to touch anything in the home, so it’s a good idea to also turn on all of your light switches, especially in dark areas such as closets so that buyers can see your space without having to search for the light switch. You may consider keeping areas such as closet doors and cupboards open as well so that your viewers do not have to touch any handles.

Leave wipes in visible places for visitors so that if they do need to touch something, they can wipe it off with ease.

Make Outdoor Spaces Shine

A great way to make your home more appealing during these times is to highlight your outdoor spaces. Families are wanting to spend more time outside than ever, especially in the age of outdoor only get-togethers. Consider highlighting or creating entertainment spaces, such as an outdoor fire pit or an outdoor dining area.

You may also want to highlight areas where kids can play to give their parents a break from homeschooling. Even as things reopen, homeowners will still appreciate the safety and comfort that comes with spending time in their outdoor spaces.

The Brighter the Better

Emphasizing lighting is always important when showing a home, but it’s especially important to allow your space to feel bright and airy at a time when so many are spending more time at home. Emphasize your natural lighting by opening all your blinds and drapes and add accent lighting in areas that feel dark.

You should also strive for light colors that make your space feel airy and open. The more lighting, the better, as it will make your home feel more spacious.

Create Alternative Spaces

In a time where people are doing more things from home than ever before, it’s wise to highlight areas that can be used for alternative purposes. While an open layout has been sought after in the past, breaking up spaces in your home can work to create private areas, such as home workspaces or a place for a child to do their schoolwork. You don’t have to do tons of construction to break your space up either.

Consider using room dividers to separate areas or using nooks and crannies once used for storage to your advantage by staging them as a home office. This allows potential buyers to see more possibilities in the home and will be important for them if they are attempting to work from home during the pandemic. Think about areas, such as a landing at the top of the stairs, that can become a nook space for reading and relaxing, and stage it properly.

During a time when people need more out of their homes than ever, it’s wise to showcase the possibility of the space and come up with alternative ideas for them. Another great way to showcase your home’s possibilities is to stage a spare bedroom as a flex room. This can be a space for a home office, a child’s playroom, or a home gym.

This is a great idea for those looking for a designated space to perform their daily tasks. A playroom that doubles as a child’s classroom is a great idea, as it will give parents ease knowing their child has a space to learn and play. You can do this by using wall mounted whiteboards, small tables, and chairs, as well as defined project spaces.

Home Staging Tips That Can Help You Sell Your Home During COVID-19

While this may seem like an odd time to sell your home, the market is actually hot. However, like many things, selling and staging your home look a little different this year. To sell your home at a great price and in a short time period, consider some of the home staging tips that can help you sell your home during COVID-19.

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