Home staging is an essential step when you want to sell your home faster and at the best price. You want people to see your home at its best and imagine themselves in it.

When selling your home in the past, you would have a professional stager coming over to give your home a makeover. But home staging during the COVID-19 pandemic is different. Like most real estate practices, home staging is done remotely nowadays.

Stagings need to be safe and convenient as well as make your home stand out. So, how do you ensure your staged home appears professional while staying within safety guidelines? Learn more about remote home staging here.

Show More Space By Emptying the House

One of the top reasons to stage your home is to create perceptions of enough space. Most prospects will picture their items in your home. Having your home uncluttered and full of stuff may send a message that your space is too small.

During remote home staging, the goal is to make your home appear new. Prospects want to see an attractive and accommodating space. Try to make your home seem like it was before you moved in.

Remote Home Staging Tips to Give Your Home a Newish Appeal

Clear out all the clutter lying around and rearrange the furniture. Given that you’re moving out soon, you could box-up some stuff. If possible, find temporary storage to open up space that allows your prospects to imagine themselves in your home.

Organize and tidy up all the rooms, closets and cabinets because potential buyers will more than likely want to explore the rooms and storage. If clothes are remaining in your closet, consider using nice hangers. The look in your closets should be clean and elegant.

Another critical home staging tip is to revitalize and uplift the space. Add some real plants or flowers to give your interiors some life. Plants can make your rooms feel fresher and look attractive.

Clean and Repair for a Flawless and Safe Home Staging

It’s usually more comfortable cleaning up the rooms after decluttering. A cleaner home may appear more welcoming and in good shape. Things like cracks on the walls, litter in the yard or un-mowed lawns may put off prospects.

Consider going through your home and figuring out which repairs and renovations you can do to make the house look its best. Make a checklist and arrange a budget to get the jobs done.

Get someone to paint your walls and repair any worn-out features. Remote home staging may highlight every component in your home. The tidier your home, the more photogenic it becomes.

Depersonalize the Space

Most times we become attached to the spaces we live in and may struggle with depersonalizing our homes. But when you’re selling your home it’s best to detach from personal feelings about your house.

Remove extra decor, memorabilia or family photos from the walls to give the room a natural, clean look. Clear any personal preferences from the bathroom and ensure your kitchen only has the basic items.

Depersonalization shifts the prospect’s focus to the house and allows them to connect with it. They can picture themselves in the new environment instead of getting distracted by the home you’ve created there. Allow the prospects to get a fresh look at the possibility of their new start in the home.

Master the Remote Home Staging Photography Game

Photos and videos are the only way of presenting your home online. Well captured, good quality photos or shot videos have a higher chance of captivating your target.

Because of the need for safe home staging, you may have to master some photography tips. Finding a professional photographer for home staging during COVID19 can be tricky. Here are some home staging photography tips to improve your shoot:

  • Open all the curtains to let in enough light and boost the vibrancy of every room
  • Add extra light features where there isn’t enough lighting (for instance, your bathroom could benefit a lot by adding some mirrors)
  • Get a good DSLR camera that allows you to change lenses─ this will allow you to enjoy higher resolutions, richer colors and deeper field depths
  • Use a tripod for sharper and polished shoots since handheld photos may reduce precision levels and limit your efficiency
  • Take advantage of natural and interior lighting for high-quality shooting (avoid the flash unless you understand professional flash setups)
  • Shoot RAW images to allow for control in editing
  • Use manual focus if you’re not an experienced home photographer so you can boost your effectiveness in pinpointing exact focal points and achieve crisper images

If this all sounds overwhelming then you may want to call in some expert help. Consider hiring a professional real estate photographer that can take some photos when no one is around and send the edited pictures to you. Real estate professionals can use this as a selling angle if you’re wondering how to offer this as a realtor.

Collaborate With an Expert Remote Home Stager

Remote home staging often demands that you’re in the driving seat of the process. But for success, you have to work with a professional. The good news; safe home staging during COVID19 means you can work with a remote designer.

A professional home staging designer has the experience to make your home pop online. Be proactive about a remote home staging process that ensures you stay safe while enjoying unlimited creativity. You work with a comfortable and affordable plan that maximizes what you already own.

Look for a plan that is online and guarantees results without physical meetings. You’ll enjoy the guidance on home staging that considers what you already own and the state of your home.

How to Successfully Do Remote Home Staging

Remote home staging doesn’t have to be a headache or costly. It would be most beneficial if you had the right home staging tips and a helpful home stager. These tips are great for sellers and staging for real estate agents but a professional stager will give you specific guidance and outline a plan for your home.

Successful and safe home staging increases the chances of attracting high-value prospects. If you’re looking to make a lasting first impression on potential buyers with home staging, let the experts at Stageful assist you. Feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.