Many ancient cultures such as Egypt and China practiced an art called chromotherapy. They used colors to heal ailments of both the mental and physical varieties. This makes sense when you consider how deeply colors are related to mood- color psychology is still used to decorate websites, hospital rooms, and homes.

That’s why it’s important to know some of the best color trends when decorating your kitchen cabinets. Read on to learn what hues people are using to keep their homes fresh and comfortable in 2021.

Rich, Warm, and Welcoming

People in the past decade used a lot of cool whites, blues, and sea greens for their cabinetry. In 2021, they’re shifting away from that and moving to warmer colors. This is because warm hues are rich and welcoming, which makes people feel at home while in their living space.

Yellow and orange are both social and energetic colors that promote enthusiasm and happiness. They fit in with most kitchen and bathroom decor schemes since these hues pair wonderfully with neutral whites and beiges.


Soft and Muted Hues

While using bright sunny yellow or flame-red orange can grab people’s attention, it isn’t necessarily the best choice. If you’re considering home staging, colors that are too harsh can put off potential buyers. It may make them feel as though they’ll have difficulty making their house into a comfortable sanctuary.

That’s why soft, muted versions of these colors are best used in 2021. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home, softer hues can make it easier for you to relax both your mind and body. This is ideal for those looking to unwind from the stress of everyday life at home.

Instead of using canary yellow, try a soft dandelion or pastel alternative. Oranges that are either very light or dark enough to lean into brown are much better choices than tangerine.

Greige: Gray’s Warmer Cousin

Both gray and beige have been neutral staples in home decor since… well, forever. Experts have created a warmer alternative to either of these colors so that you can make your home more welcoming.

This hue is called ‘greige’, and it has the aesthetic of an east-coast beach in midsummer. It pairs a mixture of soft gray and warm beige together and meshes it with creamy undertones. The ultimate effect is a neutral cabinet color that pairs beautifully with any other warm hues.

It’s extremely versatile since you can choose the gray/beige ratio depending on your individual tastes. Using more beige than gray will ensure warmth and coziness, so try to emphasize beige to create a warm neutral hue.

Stay True With Blue

We’ve talked a lot about how warm colors are en vogue in 2021. This is completely true, but there is one exception to the rule: blue.

Cross-continental studies have revealed that blue is the most popular color around the world. This makes sense when you think about the calming properties that the color had. It’s tranquil and reminiscent of the ocean, which makes sea cabinets especially awesome when paired with sandy greige.

Stick with the ‘warm and muted’ trend by making sure that your blue cabinets are creamy and dark. Don’t use ice-blue or seafoam- opt for cornflower blue or navy instead. This will give your room a rich appeal that buyers or visitors won’t be able to resist.

Earth Tones

Speaking of navy and greige, earth tones are extremely popular cabinetry paint colors right now. This includes browns, forest-deep greens, creamy whites, and even warm blacks and grays. While these hues are less welcoming than their warm counterparts, they provide a beautiful homage to the natural world.

If your home is being shown to those in a primarily outdoorsy community, earth tones are a wonderful choice. You can also combine the appeal of earth colors with naturally warm hues. Deep red and muted orange look like a campfire and, when paired with brown, invoke the coziness of a fun camping trip.

As with all styles of kitchen cabinets, you should do a bit of research and see which earthy hues are most appealing together. Check out both other people’s recent renovations on Pinterest and professional results in our online gallery. This ensures that you can begin your remodeling job as confidently as possible.

Multiple Hues in One

While you may feel the need to use only one hue on your cabinets, this isn’t the case at all. You can mix and match colors within one single cabinet and still make it look sophisticated and timeless.

Many cabinets have patterns and grooves within their design to make them more intricate and unique. You can have professional home painters and stagers line your cabinets with a different hue on these grooves than the base hue.

For example, a primarily red cabinet will look extremely elegant with creamy white accents. A greige cabinet will be even more beautiful with navy blue details. You can ask the pros for some other common color combinations that never go out of style.

You can also make the sides of your cabinets a different color than the front. This is a great way to incorporate more colors on a cabinet that doesn’t have a lot of stylistic elements.

Beyond the Best Cabinet Color Trends of 2021

Now that you know some of the best cabinet color trends of the year, it’s time to begin setting up your home for living in or for staging.

Contact us with any remaining questions that you have about making your living space as appealing as possible. Our experts are committed to making your home look warm and enticing to visitors and buyers alike, so we look forward to hearing from you soon.