It’s no secret that recent events have significantly changed the real estate industry. From virtual tours to remote closings, much of what was traditionally done in person is now done online.

At the same time, some of the basics of home selling aren’t going away anytime soon. This includes the need to make your home look as welcoming as possible before you start to show it. Remote home staging is the perfect solution for sellers who want to get top dollar for their homes without the hassles that can come with traditional home staging.

What is remote home staging and why is it poised to be one of the most important real estate strategies of 2021? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Remote Home Staging?

Staging a home is a process that makes it look more attractive to potential buyers. It typically involves decluttering, rearranging furniture, and expertly adding décor. Staging can make even a dark, drab space feel light, airy, and homey. It draws buyers in and can make your home look like it belongs in the pages of a catalog.

Traditionally, this required hiring a professional to come to your home, analyze it, and recommend changes. They’ll often bring in furniture and home décor to dress up the space – but this can get expensive.

Remote staging helps you create the amazing results you need, without having to bring strangers into your home or pay for expensive items. Instead, it involves a remote meeting with a staging professional. You’ll receive a step-by-step guide that will walk you through how to stage your home with items you already own.

You’ll use your phone to send in photos of the rooms you want to stage or submit a video tour of your home. Then, professionals will review it and set up a time for a video chat. During the call, you’ll receive professional insight and advice on how to set up your home in an aesthetically pleasing way that is most likely to appeal to potential buyers.

Is Home Staging Really Worth It?

The majority of sellers’ agents (77 percent) say that their clients find it easier to visualize themselves living in a home that has been staged. Industry analysis also shows that a staged home sells faster and for more money than homes that haven’t been staged.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 95 percent of potential buyers search for homes online before buying. In today’s environment, when most people are trying to minimize contact, it’s unlikely that buyers will go look at a home in person unless they’re already pretty sure they love it.

This makes it even more important for your tour to show your home in the most flattering way possible.

Most sellers’ agents also recommend staging as a way to boost prices. A whopping 86 percent say staging increases the price that buyers offer and some believe it can increase the offer price by as much as 20 percent!

The Remote Home Staging Difference

If you already understand why staging a home is important, you may be trying to decide whether remote or traditional staging is the right choice for you. Understanding the most important benefits of remote home staging can help you make a great decision.

Cost Savings

Not only will remote home staging give you the amazing results you’re looking for, but it also allows you to create stunning results for a fraction of the price. The customized experience you’ll receive is both personalized and safe. The report you’ll receive is so detailed that you’ll know exactly what to do but is also written in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

As long as you’re willing to do the hands-on work at home, you can save a nice chunk of change. On average, traditional staging costs around $300 to $600 for the initial design consultation and $500 to $600 per staged room, per month. This means for a home with a staged master bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and family room, you’re looking at a cost of $2,500 or more per month after the initial staging is done.

If you live in a large or upscale home, you can expect the staging to costs even more than that. However, a remote staging appointment that covers the same five rooms will cost you a one-time fee of less than $400 – and no ongoing costs! That’s a huge difference.

Comfort and Convenience

Remote staging is also a great idea for anyone who plans to continue living in their home while it’s on the market. Many traditional stagers prefer to start with an empty home and bring in all of their own furniture and décor. However, since remote staging is designed to use what you already have, you won’t have to deal with the expense or hassle of putting your items in storage while also paying to use a stager’s items.

Quick Turn-Around Time

Another one of the benefits of remote home staging is the quick turn-around time. Many in-person stagers book out weeks or months in advance. When you want to get your home listed as soon as possible, this can feel like forever! Since they don’t have to travel to homes, remote stagers are able to be much more efficient, so they can usually get your recommendations to you in a matter of days.

Learn More Today!

If you’re thinking about selling a home this year, remote home staging will make a huge difference! The experts at Stageful know how to make your home stand out – without the extra expense and hassle that comes with traditional staging.

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