No one can say with certainty when our new normal will revert back to the old normal. But some experts have hazarded guesses that the end of 2021 could see us returning to life as we knew it.

Until then, though, we have to adjust our day-to-day lives so that we can protect ourselves and others. Perhaps you’re working from home already — if so, you know that much has gone online so that we can stay safe and stay productive.

Well, your real-estate business isn’t just the only thing that can thrive digitally. Remote home staging for realtors can help you sell your clients’ homes — no in-person meetings or interactions required.

So, how does it work? And what are the benefits of home staging this way? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Remote Home Staging For Realtors and Homeowners?

Chances are, if you’re in the real-estate business, you’ve heard of home staging.

Home stagers make a home more visually appealing to potential buyers. They remove the personal touches that homeowners always put into their spaces. Say your client has personal photos or bright paint colors on the wall—the home stager will remove those accents.

With a neutral backdrop, it’s easier for visitors to picture themselves inside of a space. They can imagine how they’d redecorate and place their furniture, and that makes it easier to get the sale.

Now, you might be curious how home staging would work now that everyone is remote. Let’s start by reiterating the fact that online listing photos sell homes. Ninety percent of potential buyers will check out a property before they come by and visit.

So, you’ll want to make sure that your listing has great photos—pictures of a staged home fit this bill and then some. But you’ll need the home to look just as good when potential buyers come by.

A home stager can help you improve your online presence and the in-person look of your home. They don’t need to come over to help you with this task, either.

Instead, they will look at your home from afar and make an easy-to-execute customized staging plan. The homeowner will then implement the suggested changes and that in turn will deliver dividends when the house goes on the market.

Why Should I Stage My Property?

If you’re the realtor, you should encourage your clients to invest in staging for a slew of reasons.

As we said before, a staged home becomes a neutral canvas. As you have home showings, simpler wall colors and basic furniture can make it easier for your potential buyers to see themselves living in the property.

Once people start visualizing, they’re much more likely to buy. They’ll be willing to overlook small imperfections or fix up projects if they can see themselves moving in easily.

But staging does more than just hone the imagination. A well-staged home is clutter-free, and that’s an important aspect for buyers to see. If the current homeowner has lots of clutter, that indicates that the house doesn’t have enough storage space. No one wants to buy a property without knowing it can hold all of their stuff.

As people tour and view homes online, you want to ensure that your property really stands out from the pack. Staging makes the photos even better—and, as we know, good pictures will entice potential buyers to come in and see the place.

You should also stage your listing because it makes a property look more spacious. You want to have some furniture placed properly to give the room scale, as it makes it easier for people to visualize their own pieces in the house. It’s also important to remove excessive furniture because it will make rooms seem larger to those touring and possibly buying the place.

Another pro of having a home staged is that it can help a home sell more quickly. And that’s thanks to all of the benefits listed above. One study has shown that staged homes sell nearly 80 percent faster than their un-staged counterparts.

Remote Staging: Even Better Because It’s Safe

Medical experts have made it clear that we should keep our distance from one another. You’ve probably taken much of your business online by now—it’s time that your staging tasks follow suit.

You get all of the good stuff from remote staging: the fast sales, the great photos, and the clean organized house. But you do all of that by keeping yourself, your stager, and your clients safe.

Our process is different than traditional staging, but it costs just a fraction of the price AND your client will get terrific results!  They may have to do the legwork, but we give them everything they need to complete their home staging plan.  The payoff of staging this way is worth it—they can sell their home more quickly, for more money, without spending a lot on anything new!  They just have to do a little of the legwork.

How Can I Get Clients On Board With Remote Home Staging?

Remote home staging for realtors is a no-brainer.. If you need help explaining the process to your clients—and the above benefits don’t completely sway them – call us!  We can set up a quick free, info introduction and give you all the details you’ll need.  We make homes look fresh and desirable to potential buyers, and that’s just what a seller would want.

Remember, our 15-minute consultations can give you a good idea of how the process works. From there, we’ll work together with your client and get the house sold by making it beautiful.