Studies show that over 90% of buyers will look at a home on the internet before visiting.

How do you typically approach staging a home for sale? How could you make this process more efficient? What are the benefits of remote home staging?

Staging a home is an important step in the sale and learning more about the evolving process could help you sell a home quicker.

Keep reading to learn more about remote home staging for realtors:

What Is Home Staging?

You may be familiar with the concept of home staging but understanding the purpose behind it is important when you are deciding whether to start doing it remotely or not.

Staging a home can help show what a property can offer without requiring a complete makeover of the space. The focus is not typically on what the current look is but rather the potential of what it could look like in the future.

You don’t have to stage the entire home. Depending on the budget for the seller, this may not be feasible. Highlighting the top spaces within the home and staging those are still going to be very helpful to the potential buyers that view the space.

The seller or agent can pick up the bill for home staging. If the agent is confident that it will increase the value of the home, they may pay for it and receive a higher commission from a higher value sale as a result. Some sellers may want greater control over the staging process and choose to hire someone on their own.

The Benefits of Remote Home Staging for Realtors

You already know the benefits of home staging as part of the sales process, but are you aware of the benefits of doing it remotely? There are ways to save time and money using this approach.

Team Effort

A huge benefit of remote home staging is the ability for us to work with the seller to transform the home. In this collaborative effort, we share the same goal of getting the home ready to sell. Our designers are professionals and experienced in this area to help guide them in this project.

Communication is key and we like to utilize phone, email, and video chat throughout the remote staging process.

No Special Equipment Needed

When the seller takes videos of the rooms, they can do this right from their phone. We don’t require any special equipment to capture footage of the space.

This makes the process convenient for them, as they have their phone on hand and can quickly capture video with it. All of our communication is easily accessible by phone so that it is easy to keep in contact should the seller have any questions for us.

Low Cost for Maximum Return

Depending on the client, they can end up spending a significant amount of money in an effort to prepare their home for sale. We don’t require them to buy anything new in their process of staging, but rather utilize what they currently have in the home to get it ready for a showing.

We are able to operate at a more affordable rate because we aren’t renting furniture, hiring movers or spending time in lots of homeowner meetings.  Our time is spent reviewing the rooms, analyzing the space and creating a customized staging plan for the owner to follow. Since the homeowner is doing the leg work, the cost can be cut down versus what it would take to hire someone to come into the home for the same task.

Simplified Process

You no longer have to stress about the home staging process because we are taking care of the design and guide the homeowner on how to put our design into action. We will determine a schedule that works best for the seller at the start so that they are maximizing their time to move forward in the sales process.

As a part of this overall staging solution,  we have a follow-up call included to review the staging and help to troubleshoot any issues that they may have come across with the design plan. This call is extremely important because we are invested in the final results as much as they are. Adding any finishing touches or changing a part of the layout is easy to do during this call.

Spending less time to increase the value of the home and leaving more time to find potential buyers will have you wishing you had started referring this service a long time ago!

Is Remote Home Staging a Solution for You?

After reading through the details, we are sure you understand the benefits of our remote home staging service. The entire concept of remotely completing this task is to streamline the process and save time and expense. The quicker that the home sells, the happier you and your client will be!  We designed our process with agents like you in mind, knowing that time is an extremely important asset that often runs short in your career.  Having a professional help the owner stage the home can save everyone time.  And adding to that benefit is the fact that it’s extremely cost effective, so everyone wins!

Get Started Today

Now that you have read more about remote home staging for realtors, you can start referring this service to sellers today! Using your resources and our professional experience can be a winning match for the business. Please contact us today for a free consultation to share more information.