When you are listing your house for sale, the last thing you want is for it to sit on the market for months on end. Selling your home can easily become a strenuous process that keeps you from moving into the next chapter of your life if it takes months for your house to sell.

Want to get your home sold faster? Home Staging before listing it on the market is proven to help it sell faster than empty or non-staged homes.

In fact, according to Home Advisor, staged homes can spend up to 50% less time on the market than non-staged homes. They also typically sell for 20% more. Home staging is obviously a good idea if you want it to be successful on the market, but there are some hefty added costs to consider.

Let’s breakdown the average home staging costs and go over some home staging tips to help you get the most from your listing and get your home sold quickly.

Average Home Staging Costs

The job of a home stager is to make your home look appealing to potential buyers. Staging is done to amplify the features of the house and downplay any objectives that may hold buyers back. Essentially, home staging is an art that brings interior design and marketing together to make your home look its best and sell for a better price.

Home staging companies charge various fees for the same basic services, which usually includes a consultation, staging fees, furniture rental, and a service fee. The average cost for home staging is $1200, but this can quickly increase if your home is staged for multiple months.

Here’s an average home staging cost breakdown:

  1. Initial Two Hour Consultation: $150-$600
  2. Staging Fee: $400-$700 per room
  3. Furniture Rental: $$500-$600 per room per month
  4. Service Fee: $800-$1000

Additional Professional Staging Costs

You can also pay a home stager to declutter and rearrange your space, which costs around $800.

They may also encourage a few home improvement projects, like a fresh coat of paint, new floors, or updated light fixtures. You can do these yourself, or your home staging company may have connections to professionals who can do it for you, which will increase your budget.

Some home staging packages also include having professional photographs taken of your home after the staging is complete, which will make your house listing much more attractive. It’s estimated that 90% of buyers look at homes online first, so high-quality photos can help your home stand out.

The final cost of home staging will depend on how many rooms you have staged, how much furniture is rented, and how many months it’s on the market. If you want to cut costs and only stage a couple of rooms, focus on the main living spaces, the kitchen, and the master bedroom.

Home staging may seem like a big expense, but the proven benefits are worth the investment. Most staged homes sell in their first month on the market, and the overall price is less than the costs of your home staying on the market for months.

More Ways to Make Your Home Attractive to Potential Buyers

Home staging can go a long way, but there are also other easy ways to make your home attractive to potential buyers that you can do yourself. We already mentioned a fresh coat of paint, new floors, and updated light fixtures, which can all make a big difference.

Another easy project you can take on before listing your home is improving the landscaping to increase curb appeal. Add fresh flower beds, trim back unruly hedges, and keep the lawns looking pristine. If you have a large front or back porch, stage it with outdoor furniture as well so it becomes a top-selling point.

Cosmetic changes like refinishing your surfaces and refacing your cabinets with new hardware can also give your home a fresh look and help potential buyers imagine themselves living there.

Finally, a professional cleaning will make your home shine.

Save Money With Remote Home Staging

After reviewing the cost of hiring a home staging company, many homeowners attempt to stage their homes themselves. While this option certainly saves money, it takes more time than most home-owners have, and you miss out on key marketing tactics that a professional can offer.

A better option that is more cost-effective is to work with a remote home staging company like Stageful. At Stageful, we use the furniture you already own and advise you on how to best arrange your space to make it attractive to a potential buyer.

You can still save money and get the advice of a home staging expert so your home can sell faster.

Our remote budget-friendly services also include a detailed design plan based on videos of your home. You can get the same amazing benefits from home staging at a fraction of the cost with our pioneering remote program.

Here’s a peek into our process:

  • Have a phone chat with one of our experts to discuss your needs
  • Send us videos of your home from your home
  • We send you a detailed staging design plan
  • You stage your home with our tips
  • We review the results together via a video chat
  • Your home is ready to list!

Our virtual plans start at $399, and unlike most home staging companies, there are no costly monthly expenses.

Work With Stageful

Home staging is now expected for professionally listed homes, but you do not have to spend a small fortune to get all the benefits. Polish up your house with virtual home staging and get it listed and sold faster for a bigger profit.

To book a free informational phone consultation with Stageful, contact us today.