The COVID-19 pandemic did not drag house prices into the pit of an economic downturn in 2020 as predicted — quite the reverse is true. An upswing in prices after the second quarter of 2020 has galvanized in the months since. The latest figures show that American house prices to January 2021 have risen by 11%.

The average 30-year fixed mortgage rate in early April was 3.27%, with an APR (annual percentage rate) of 3.43%. These rising prices combined with falling interest rates make for a perfect seller’s market. Enter the Home Selling Checklist!

This article will give you ten tips for selling your home and talk about the finer points of home staging and remote home staging.

  1. Engage a Real Estate Agent

In this buoyant market, you may be tempted to try and sell your home yourself. Don’t. A real estate agent provides a professional service that is precisely what you need.

Aside from knowing the legal ins and outs of property transfer, a real estate agent has a good idea of what buyers are looking for. They know how to get the best possible price for your property. They are also experts at selling, which they do on your behalf.

If you sell your house through an agent, your property will be listed on their website and other advertising platforms. Most realtors have a checklist of things the seller needs to have before listing the property for sale. It is worth taking their advice as well as doing the other things we mention in this article.

Establish a good relationship with your real estate agent since you might be dealing with them for several months despite there being so much activity in the housing market at the moment. If you don’t feel comfortable with the real estate agent you’ve got, find another one.

  1. Declutter Everywhere

You will want to give prospective buyers the impression that there is plenty of space in your home. Remove all those knickknacks and other items from windowsills, countertops, tables, desks, and bathroom vanities. Also, clear out your wardrobes and tidy those closets. Rationalize the number of things hanging on the backs of doors and generally tidy up to produce an ordered visual appearance. While you may not technically achieve a minimalist look, the house will look clearer and lighter. It will give a welcoming atmosphere that will likely engender a positive response from prospective buyers.

  1. Repaint Walls In Neutral Colors

Unless your home is an artistic marvel featuring extraordinary interior decoration, our advice is to repaint walls in neutral colors. It is unlikely that viewers of your home will appreciate your teenager’s penchant for black or deep purple or the bright pink nursery, which you never got around to changing.

Neutral colors are the safe route to go. Plain walls allow potential buyers to imagine their own possessions in your home — the first step towards a possible sale.

  1. Improve Curb Appeal

Curb appeal improvement tactics range from planting colorful flowers near the driveway to partial cladding in manufactured stone veneer (AMSV) around your main entrance.

It is surprising how many people find a decent garage door appealing and one of the decisive factors in purchasing the property. Of course, you will want to restrict the amount you invest and consider what a reasonable expected return on investment would be.

Cut the lawn, trim the hedges and shrubs, fix the squeaking gate, and repair the fence. Ensure that the garden is free of kids’ toys, gardening tools, and other things that make your home look untidy.

  1. Attend to Minor Repairs

Loose door handles, missing or mismatched light bulbs, scuff marks on the skirting, or a leaky faucet are all things you should get done before you even consider listing your home for sale.

Ensure all doors with locks have keys, the mains electrical board is clearly labeled, and door hinges are well oiled!

  1. Get Home Staging Assistance

Most people view homes online before contacting the real estate agent or visiting them on Open House days. Home staging is all about making your home as visually appealing as possible. It is more than just showing off the best aspects of your home; it’s about creating a coherent image that attracts the buyers you want. A Stageful designer will consult with you to create a detailed staging plan for each room in your home. The goal is to make your home display-ready. It may involve rearranging some furniture or clearing out an upstairs closet.  Our process is collaborative and convenient since it does not involve in-person or on-site meetings. We can do it all online!

  1. Go Green and Fresh

Indoor plants, a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table, or a bouquet of flowers in the hallway are all ways to create a welcoming environment in your home. Natural elements are a tasteful addition to your decor and breathe life into your living space that is bound to appeal to the potential buyer.

  1. Eliminate Odors

You can eliminate most household odors by deep cleaning your home. We are all used to the smell of our own food & pets. Get an unbiased friend to do an olfactory tour of your home to pinpoint any areas which might still give off an unpleasant odor.

Bad odors can be a deal-breaker, as can any attempt to mask the smell with scented candles or artificial room deodorizers.

  1. Remove Personal Items from View

Remove personal items, such as family photos, and lock away items of value, such as jewelry. Tidying bookshelves is another case where less is more. Remember, you are not selling your personality; you’re selling your house!

  1. Home Inspection 

Although it is normally the buyer who will pay for the Home inspection report, for the couple of hundred dollars that it will cost you, it is worth your while to get it done ahead of listing your property for sale.  The inspection might reveal some problems in your home that you are unaware of. Once you know, you can get them remedied before putting your house on the market.

Final Touches

There is so much involved in preparing your home so that it is ready for listing on the market. A home selling checklist is a good way to make sure you attend to all the necessary items.

The benefits of home staging should not be ignored either. An impartial yet experienced pair of eyes can bring out the best of the esthetics of your home.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you and arrange a consultation to discuss the best way forward.